All of us who work out here at Mission CrossFit SA train hard.  We are all on our own journey in pursuit of a higher level of fitness, health and ultimately, life.  It is not an easy journey, but it’s worth it. It requires hard work, sweat, discipline, and perseverance.  The journey is filled with challenges, obstacles, and sometimes-even setbacks.  And although every person’s road is unique, it is not a solo endeavor. We are in the pursuit of fitness together. Like a team, when a person is knocked down, the group responds by picking them up. Equally as important, when someone succeeds, their accomplishments are enjoyed and celebrated by the whole.  To that end, every month, one person will be recognized for their outstanding achievements in fitness, whether they are in or out of the box.

This page is dedicated to that individual who portrays what CrossFit is at Mission CrossFit SA.  It is someone who pushes hard, never gives up and wants to accomplish something each day they step foot inside our gym.  They are chosen by their peers and lead by example.  The athlete doesn’t necessarily lift the most amount of weight, or win every WOD, but instead they have passion and desire for what their individual goal is.  Work hard, everyone is always paying attention, and you could be next!

March 2018 Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Lane Naugher for being selected as the March 2018 Athlete of the Month. Since Lane arrived back in August of 2016, he has been the silent assassin.  Coming in and crushing every WOD we put in front of him, except when we throw handstand push-ups. Lane works as an orthopedic surgeon so he knows the human body and the great benefits it gets from CrossFit.  For those reasons and many more is why Lane is deserving of Athlete of the month.

Started CrossFit: February 2015
Favorite WOD:  16.4/17.4 and Murph
Least Favorite WOD:  Mary or anything with pistols/HSPUs
Favorite Lift:  Squat
Least Favorite Lift:  Snatch/Overhead squat
I was the typical smallish town Texas high school athlete, playing every sport I was allowed to and my fitness was simply a passive byproduct of no true offseason.  I transitioned to college where intramural sports and trying to mimic my high school lifting routine in the rec center kept me in decent shape.  After graduation, I survived only a single year teaching middle school before starting medical school.  It was during the next decade of medical/surgical training that a poor diet and lack of exercise/self discipline took its toll.  I was overweight and had back pain which would only improve when I was active but still couldn’t find the time (discipline) to consistently make it to the gym or knock out some p90x videos.  A fact not lost on Junior as he gently pointed out that he didn’t recognize me from old instagram photos from that period of time.
CrossFit was first introduced to me by a few college friends that had just begun.  I suspected I would love it if I would just show up to give it a go but always convinced myself that it was too expensive, inconvenient, dangerous, etc to actually go and try.  My wife and mother in law knew I might never make the effort to get started and paid for my first month’s trial as a birthday gift in 2015.  The coaches at Crossfit Richardson in North Dallas worked with me through my on ramp program.  I finished my first baseline workout in around 9 minutes and felt like my lungs were going to explode. I then spent the next 2-3 months in nearly constant soreness.  I could not do pull ups, toes to bar, anything overhead or finish most WODs by the time cutoff.   I had never failed at anything so consistently but was hooked.  I stuck with it and after 6 months was starting to finish workouts Rx. I am now 3 years in and continue to slowly hit new PRs and “firsts” – kipping handstand pushups and muscle ups most recently.
I’ve now been a member at 3 boxes after moves between Texas and North Carolina and have dropped in at many other boxes around the country.  We are lucky to have the coaches and community at Mission.  Thanks for welcoming me and my family.  I jump around classes quite frequently due to varied work schedule and have enjoyed meeting people at all different times. I look forward to the upcoming Open and to many months and years in the future.
Brief side note, I work as an orthopedic surgeon here in San Antonio and spend most of my time fixing knees, hips and shoulders.  I believe Crossfit is safe and wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t believe it – but listen to the coaches!  They know how to protect us from ourselves.  I love what I do at work and love talking shop.  Feel free to ask questions if needed at the gym.  I truly don’t mind answering or giving advice if I can.




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February 2018 Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Kayla Reisner for being selected as the February 2018 Athlete of the Month. Kayla’s first taste of CrossFit happened when she did a 6 week summer teen class with Coach Junior. Since then she has been a regular at the 5:30am class. She has over come her exercise induced asthma and has grown out of her shell she first had when she started. She is also lucky enough to have her CrossFit classes count as her P. E. credit.  For those reasons and many more is why Kayla is deserving of Athlete of the month.

Started CrossFit:  My first ever class was back in the summer of 2016 when I signed up for the
teen class with Junior. Then I restarted in June of 2017 in the regular class.
Favorite WOD: Diane. Although I can’t do HSPU yet, I love deadlifts. Workouts with
built in rest are awesome.
Least Favorite WOD:  Helen. Running. No.
Favorite Lift:  Either deadlift, back squat, or squat clean.
Least Favorite Lift:  Anything overhead
Story: I was surprised to hear that I got athlete of the month. I, of course, felt noticed and loved which
is great for someone’s ego but I also felt like there are others that definitely deserve it more.
Besides that, I’m going to be grateful that I was even in the coaches thoughts.
I started CrossFit in the teen class with Junior at the age of thirteen. I went in thinking I would
hate CrossFit and had major anxiety about working out with all of these strangers that already
seemed in shape. Man, was I wrong. Although the first day was a bust for me (asthma attack), I
came back the next day with a new attitude, wanting to work again. I always had issues with my
physical appearance but once I started CrossFit, I started feeling amazing about myself. My
anxiety and stress levels lessened due to being apart of something that I ended up enjoying.
Once the teen class ended, I joined regular class for a few weeks before school started and I
had to stop CrossFit.

The beginning of summer of 2017 is when I started CrossFit again in the regular class. Since I
had first stopped doing CrossFit, I wanted to come back. I restarted at Mission in the 05:30
class and have been working out in that class since. The dedication and friendship shared
between all of us in our small class is why I wake up at 04:30, not to mention our love of working
out. CrossFit has not only helped me with my body image, but has also helped me with my eating
habits. I started seeing my body as it should be seen: natural and beautiful. I learned so much
about what I was eating and how to control things better. My dad, Troy, and my step-mom,
Crystal, also had a huge part in me changing myself. They encourage me everyday and
motivate me to continue with my good eating habits so thank you. I also want to thank Junior for
being my first coach and Lacey for being my coach almost every morning among the other
coaches that have…coached…me.

Before Mission, the extent of my working out went as far as P.E. at school. Working out in the
beginning was difficult for me but I feel like I’ve seen a lot improvement in myself. I read some of
the other stories of previous Athletes of the Month and I thought about how they sounded so
adult. I then realised that I’m only going to be fifteen in February and that I have so much time to
go. I still have so much time to improve and I’m ready to make more improvements on myself
not only physically, but mentally. Thank you, one more time, for choosing me to be February’s
Athlete of the Month


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January 2018 Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Ken Helgren for being selected as January 2018 Athlete of the Month.  Ken has been one of the most hardworking athletes over the last 18 months. You can usually find Ken arriving early to class and staying late to work on his favorite ,…mobility. He has made amazing changes just by dialing in his nutrition. He is always encouraging to his fellow athletes and has become a great part of the Mission community. For those reasons and many more he is deserving of Athlete of the Month.

Started CrossFit: My first ever drop in was June 10th, 2016 at Mission
Favorite WOD: 12 Days of Christmas
Least favorite WOD: Josh (I’m weak on overhead squats)
Favorite lift: Overhead squats (because I don’t do them well but will one day)
Least favorite lift: Overhead squats (yes…this is a love/hate relationship)
Story: I’d like to first say how surprised I was to hear I was selected to be the athlete of the month. At first I thought the email was a mistake until I received a text stating the same. Disbelief ran through my mind as there are so many amazing athletes and wonderful people at Mission who are more deserving. To be singled out among this crowd is truly an honor I can only repay with continued passion for CrossFit and Mission.

My CrossFit journey should have started years ago. A close friend of mine and Mission Coach (Amy) encouraged me for years to give CrossFit a try. Coach Amy observed first hand my futile efforts spending 2+ hours a day in a gym without obtaining the results I sought. Although I personally observed Coach Amy’s amazing physical transformation and her soaring confidence as a result of CrossFit, I did not make the correlation. Coach Amy was the health and fitness role model I wanted to emulate so I asked her the secret to her success. Of course she said “CrossFit” but I guess I was not ready to accept that my workouts were ineffective. However, in 2016, as I reflected on my health, my fitness, and my goals, I knew what I was doing was not working. Call me stubborn. I finally decided to drop-in to see what CrossFit was all about. About an hour later, as I lay on the floor in a pool of my sweat starring at the ceiling, I realized CrossFit is exactly what was missing in my life. I was 48 years old with all the pain, wear and tear, and limited range of motion that comes with a 22+ year Military career and poor form. I knew I wanted to be part of this life-changing community and accepted that I had considerable work ahead of me to achieve my goals.

My first goal was to transform my body composition and live a healthy lifestyle. I thought my goal to reduce my body fat below 15% in 12 months was a bit aggressive. Thanks to CrossFit and dramatically changing how I think about food I achieved my goal of less than 15% body fat in 6 months. As I reflect on “how” I achieved this goal I quickly realized is was a community effort. The coaching staff at mission is phenomenal. The continuous advice, form corrections, and recommendations tailored so I can achieve my next PR has helped immeasurably. My fellow athletes are a constant source of inspiration. In every WOD I’m surrounded by amazing people trying to be their very best, non-judgmental, and always offering a word of encouragement when a WOD seems too challenging to conquer. An unexpected benefit of being part of this incredible community is that I no longer need Statins to control my Cholesterol. After 10 years using prescription Statins to control cholesterol, and only 8 months into my CrossFit journey, my Doctor informed me I no longer needed Statins. Even better, after 6 months of Statin-free living and 14 months into my CrossFit journey, my Cholesterol is still well under control.

My experience with CrossFit and Mission has made me a bit of an evangelical. I’ll tell my story to anyone who will listen and encourage all I encounter to give Mission a try. The coaches are the best, the programming is challenging, the athletes are the most wonderful people you’ll ever meet (you know this of course), and the results are life-changing. As I approach my 50th Birthday and 18 months into my CrossFit journey, I know this is just the beginning as I have much work to do. For every success, like bar muscle-ups, there are challenges. I have yet to conquer DUs, HSPUs, and OHS. These, and many other goals are on my horizon. Through CrossFit and the Mission community I know there is no goal I cannot achieve. I joined this community to be a better me. I may not always bring my “A Game” but I continue to make progress. I hit another PR on my first 2018 WOD and look forward to many more. I’m in better shape now then I was at 40 or even 30 years old. I’m looking forward to turning 50 in a couple months and hitting more PRs in 2018. You’ve helped me realize my dream of being a better me and for that I thank each of you. I promise to pay it forward as I continue my CrossFit journey with the wonderful coaches and athletes at Mission. I hope you all enjoy considerable success and good health in 2018. Go Mission!!

Ken Helgren



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December 2017 Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Miguel Ortiz for being selected as December 2017 Athlete of the Month.  Miguel grew up being active his entire life and focused a lot of his time on boxing.  After a long successful boxing career, he began looking for something new.  Not long after he began his search he found a new home at Mission and since then has been one of the most dedicated members.  He never misses class, always pushes as hard as he can and never takes no for an answer.  For those reasons and many more he is deserving of Athlete of the Month.

Started CrossFit: March 2016

Favorite WOD: Mary

Least favorite WOD: The Bear

Favorite Lift: Deadlift

Least Lift: Overhead squat

Story: I started doing CrossFit in March 2016 because my wife had urged me to come try it with her. She told me that CrossFit was something completely different than anything else that I had ever done. After attending two classes with her, I decided to sign up.

I grew up in Corozal, Puerto Rico and all my youth I was involved with sports.  I trained as a professional boxer earning a record of 53-40-13 and after I retired I was always on the lookout for new exercises. I continued to do my own traning since I moved to San Antonio 11 years ago but I always felt I was lacking something, that is until I found Mission.  The Coaches are very  always very professional . One of the best things about the Mission Coaches is that they celebrate my PR’s ( personal records ) more than me. That is great motivation for me to work harder so I can continue to see improvements. One of the most important things I take away from my CrossFit journey, pay attention to your wife, they are always right!

Thank you Mission CrossFit!! I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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November 2017 Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Paige Naugher for being selected as November 2017 Athlete of the Month.  Paige worked out through her entire third pregnancy and jumped right back into it, making all suggested modifications along the way and NEVER making excuses.  Paige always strives to get better and isn’t ashamed to ask for help or advice.  She is setting such an amazing example for her children and for all of us, simply by showing up (usually with two to three kids).  She always makes time in her busy schedule to come in and work hard!  Her presence and positive attitude are such an inspiration to all. For those reasons and many more she is deserving of Athlete of the Month.

Started CrossFit:  I showed up for my first “on ramp” class in November of 2015 at our YMCA in North Carolina.
Favorite WOD: Of the named ones, probably Barbara, but I love WODs that have running (200-800) before and after some other movements.
Least Favorite WOD: Diane
Favorite Lift: Back squat
Least Favorite Lift: Snatch. That’s just dumb.

Story: The truth is y’all should be very suspicious of this “athlete of the month” thing. I’ve hardly been a devoted Mission Athlete especially the past few months. I started CrossFit once I was cleared for exercise after delivering Luke (our two year old) then we moved to San Antonio and between the two of us, Lane and I visited most of the boxes south of 1604. We joined Mission because Lane liked it best and they had a space where we could corral our kids.
I’ve since been working out here for a year, delivered our third baby, Ben, and this place has become way more than a space to corral the kids. I’m so inspired by you people… you high schoolers who come for a study break and a challenge, you parents of school age children who are making time to devote to your own health and fitness instead of being consumed by their schedules and needs, you young professionals who arrive before or after long stressful work hours, you masters athletes who see age as just a number and are in better shape now than previous decades, you with special needs children who come for a moment to breathe, you who have high fitness goals and must train hard every single day to attain them. Each and every person I’ve met here has a unique story to which I only know a small piece but is so inspiring. I basically limp in to the gym each day dragging a two year old, chasing a five year old and pushing/nursing/carrying an infant. I spend the first five minutes getting everyone settled and then sometimes have to pop back over there to resettle everyone who has somehow lost their $@%+ in the last fifteen minutes since our arrival. I’m weak at most all CrossFit lifts and struggle with all gymnastics moves, I get self conscious about sharing scores/times, I worry about leaving the kids for the hour, I have a million excuses, but then I get on the floor and I see you guys. I’m reminded that we all have our weaknesses, struggles, stresses, etc but if you guys can go out there and crush your goals then I can give my all for 50 min.
So you’re my story! And don’t even get me started on my husband who’s the real reason I started CrossFit. He should be getting this award! You’d probably like that because he would never write this much. In conclusion, I swear I’m trying to get there on time and count my macros and track my lifting goals and log my WODs and do all the mobility stuff, but for now I’m just able to show up, work out, and watch you guys crush it! Thanks.
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October 2017 Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to William Snowden for being named October 2017 Athlete of the Month!  Will started CrossFit just 11 months ago after a year of traveling with this wife.  He noticed he couldn’t do things as well as he would like, and didn’t like how he looked or felt.  He had always been active, and knew it was time to get back to that way of life.  He decided to start CrossFit, and the rest is history.  You can see Will at the noon class almost everyday where he will throw down at every class while being one of the first to arrive and last to leave.  For these reasons and many more he is very deserving of the title of Athlete of the Month.
Started CrossFit:  November 2016
Favorite WOD:  Nancy for the combo of focus/balance/stamina it takes to OHSQ each round after those 400m runs
Least Fave WOD:  Angie, death by pull ups!
Fave Lift:  Squats or Dead lift
Least Fave Lift:  Split Jerk (times infinity)
Story: Thank you so much, it is an honor to be chosen as an Athlete of the Month. I want to share this distinction with my friends and peers who attend during the lunch hour because you all are truly an inspiration for me. No matter if you are working through injuries, overcoming plateaus, or consistently crushing it – everyone has such a great attitude and it is clear that nobody leaves without giving it their everything. MCFSA coaches have done a great job cultivating this community, and I am humbled to be recognized from among such an amazing group of people.

I started CrossFit for the first time just 11 months ago. The year leading up to that decision my wife and I had traveled quite a bit. As I looked back at our pictures (and there were a lot) I was not happy with myself for the shape that I had fallen into. I recall during those trips I couldn’t keep up during hikes, had to forgo activities I wasn’t physically able to safely complete, was uncomfortable shirtless at the pool or beach, and most embarrassingly my gut was so big it would compress my diaphragm so that I had to hold my breath to bend over and put on my shoes. It was a far cry from what I always considered “my normal self” because I was always very active, even as as a child: dabbled in gymnastics at 5, then soccer in elementary thru middle school, football=life in high school, and all the while was also doing 15yrs of martial arts. In college I stayed active playing every intramural sport and joined the UTSA Cheerleading Team (GO ROADRUNNERS!!!). So nearly all my life I was agile, flexible, quick, and athletic. But as I transitioned out of college and got more career focused, the activity level slowly dropped until I was literally paying for a Gold’s Membership for 3yrs, yet I never stepped into their facility once after enrollment. Enough was enough and I went hunting for a CrossFit gym because I knew I needed that level of intensity and the constantly-varied programming. Lucky for me MCFSA is literally one parking lot away from my work. From Day 1 I told the coaches I am committing to a new routine, but truthfully I had no idea what I was in for! My very first workout was Fran- which I scaled with just the 35lbs bar + jumping pull ups and I hit the 10min time cap. I was sore for days after that. But now, here we are 11mo later: I’ve lost 40lbs and 2 pants sizes, nothing fits anymore (in a good way), my PR’s are way up from where I started, and I feel stronger and more nimble than I’ve ever been at any point in my life.

Again I want to thank all the veteran members of the noon class who immediately adopted me into the community, have shared their training tips and been so supportive every day. I also want to thank my WOD partner Tyler for making classes as fun as they can be and for always keeping me on my game. Lastly, I want to thank the staff of MCFSA for literally everything you do in class and behind the scenes to provide a clean, safe, supportive, and rigorous physical challenge in class every day.

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September 2017 Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Ryan Hayes for being selected as the September 2017 Athlete of the Month!  Ryan has put in a tremendous about of work to get better at his weakness since his start at Mission. You can find him early to class stretching to improve his mobility and you can always find him after class as well for a great chat. He goes the extra mile to improve, whether it be taking an extra Olympic lifting course or studying Mat Fraser stats!  Ryan for those reasons and many more, he is definitely deserving of the title for Athlete of the Month.
Started CrossFit: April 2016 (On Missions 5-year Anniversary)
Favorite WOD: My first one…but since I cannot remember what it was, DT has all the best requirements: weights, skill, planning and engine.
Least Favorite WOD: Griff. Literally nothing but running…even backwards.
Favorite Lift: Snatch. Mine is a early stage work in progress, but when this lift is done correctly it is just awesome to watch.
Least Favorite Lift: Weighted Overhead Lunge. Nothing good comes from these.

Story: I really appreciate being selected. There are so many athletes in Mission that push themselves beyond what I am capable of and drive me to push even harder every day. In that crowd this is a big honor.My first experience with CrossFit was on Mission’s 5-year anniversary. My wife (Katie) and I pulled up to the parking lot and could not even find a space it was so crowded. I can recall wanting to turn around right then, but we went inside, met Junior, and have not looked back since. I remember completing the warm up and thinking that we must be almost done: I was wrong. I cannot even remember the rest of the workout, but after recovering I knew that I would be involved with CrossFit forever.

I have lifted weights in some fashion for most of my life, specifically focused on powerlifting, and I continued this through my time in the military. After leaving service I let work and school get in the way of working out, but I kept taking on new challenges looking for something to fill the void of pushing myself to achieve new goals. I had heard of Crossfit for some time, and was a fringe watcher as the sport grew, but was not sure it was the right fit. I mostly just felt not ready. I always knew that I would enjoy it, but I thought I would have to be in great shape before taking on Crossfit. I was wrong again, and wish I had started years ago. The scalability of the movements combined with the outstanding programming at Mission and the most excellent coaches allow for everyone to be successful. The competition side of the sport offers a goal that can be chased one day, one workout at a time.

I have no doubt that Mission is the best box in the area. Maybe the best period. For the reasons named above, but also because of all the athletes. Every class is full of people trying to do their best and cheering each other on. I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone and cannot wait to high five after a difficult WOD, or give a hard time to someone who missed a few days. I literally just hit my best hang snatch the other day, after missing the lift twice, because Ignacio said “I should just do it,” so I did. It is the people and the coaches that make Mission great. I travel a lot for work and visit a different box every day I am out of town and can honestly say the combination of Coaching, Programing and People make Mission the best period (I am sure Matt Fraser said the same thing when he visited and probably wishes he could work out with us everyday).

I look forward to each new challenge. Each day I am excited to see what the WOD will be, even if it includes lots of running, because no matter what else is going on in your day the WOD will make you forget. Thank you to all the coaches and athletes who make Mission awesome. Stay classy, be excellent to each other and always remember “Never half-ass two things, whole-ass one thing.”


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August 2017 Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Mary Ford for being selected as the August 2017 Athlete of the Month! Mary brings a smile, great conversation, and a killer work ethic to the gym every day. Mission has yet to hear a complaint from this calm and collected WOD assassin. Although Mary has a rigorous work schedule she makes the gym a priority and she comes to a variety of class times. Its always a pleasure and a bit of a surprise to have her in class. She’s just a conversation away from friendship, so what’s the wait? For those reasons and many more, she is definitely deserving of the title for Athlete of the Month.
Started CrossFit: August 2012
Favorite WOD: the longer the better – preferably involving deadlifts, cleans and/or rowing! (I loved 16.4/17.4 – despite the fact that I didn’t get my first handstand pushup until the week AFTER 17.4)
Least Favorite WOD: Isabel
Favorite Lift: Deadlift!
Least Favorite Lift: Snatch
Story: First – thank you so much for this honor!! I started CrossFit back in August of 2012 with the main purpose of getting back into shape after joining the Army. I had taken an exercise hiatus of sorts since college (bad idea), and having grown up an athlete I was not comfortable with my low level of fitness. I had done some CrossFit workouts by myself at home (after much prodding from both my older brothers to give it a shot), but had never stepped foot into a CrossFit gym. Fellow Mission member Alex Ortiz and I joined CrossFit Bethesda together at the start of med school and I swear for the first six months I probably only showed up to classes because I had told her I would go! But that period of accountability got me hooked and now I cannot imagine my life without CrossFit.
When I moved to San Antonio during the summer of 2016 Alex, Adam and I had plans to try out several different gyms – however we only made it to two, because after coming to Mission we knew there was no gym that was going to top our experience there. Over the last year Mission has played such an important role in my life – I can’t imagine life in Texas without this amazing community. I also never would have thought that I could finish the first year of residency in significantly better shape than I was at the start – but I have Mission to thank for that! I am so grateful for the great friendships, coaching, and FUN that I experience every time I walk in the door. I truly mean it when I say that very often the best part of my day is getting crushed (as so often occurs) by a workout at Mission. So again, a HUGE and heartfelt thank you to all of you amazing coaches who push all of us to be the best possible versions of ourselves daily – I couldn’t live this life without you all!
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July 2017 Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Casey Whittington for being selected as the July 2017 Athlete of the Month!  Casey has put in so much work since his last shoulder surgery. We all know it’s not easy to take a backseat to the regularly scheduled programming, but Casey trusted the process, followed the plan, and is (as he later points out) better than when he started. Casey brings energy and a sense of humor to the gym. Along with being an awesome addition to class he is knowledge about local government, tasty red wine, and is the best at recommending a podcast! Ask him what he has going on, you are sure to learn something fun. He is always ready to sweat and compete in the blazing hot afternoons. For those reasons and many more, he is definitely deserving of the title for Athlete of the Month.
Started CrossFit: Started in 2015-ish. I came and did a class at Mission and while I was bent over a trash can, Drew could be heard laughing.
Favorite WOD: DT
Least favorite WOD: Kalsu
Favorite lift: Deadlift
Least favorite lift: Anything overhead
Story: First off, I have to admit that I never thought I would be the guy who loves CrossFit. I used to make fun of it all the time.  After signing up at Mission to do the sport program after coming from a less competitive gym, I tore my the labrum in my right shoulder a mere two days into my membership doing some standard pull-ups. I was disheartened, having had five surgeries on my left shoulder all ready, but Drew was adamant that I would be back. Six weeks after surgery, Drew told me to not even think about touching a weight for six weeks and came up with a rehab plan. I am sure all of you saw me flailing around in the corner of the gym most afternoons with tiny dumbbells and cardio. However, after all of my surgeries I have done physical therapy, and this is by far the strongest I have come back. I cannot thank Drew and the Mission staff enough for being patient with my aging bones and helping me when I have to scale the workouts accordingly. Having been to a number of gyms, I can honestly say that Mission is by far the best.
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June 2017 Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Kiera Roberto for being selected as the June 2017 Athlete of the Month!  Kiera’s dedication to fitness was apparent during tax season. While working extra long hours, being a new wife and a mom, she continued to put in the work. Almost without interruption she showed up for morning and weekend classes. She continues to uncover new progress and PR’s in fitness journey.  For those reasons and many more, she is definitely deserving of the title for Athlete of the Month.

Started CrossFit:
April 2016

Favorite WODs:

Anything with programmed rest!! AKA Dance breaks 😊😊

Least favorite WOD:

The ones I don’t make it to. ☹️ Also,  Running is the worst.

Favorite lift:

Least favorite lift:
Snatch and overhead squat


Thank you for the recognition!! Was really shocked until I realized I must have won you all over with my sweet dance moves.  I joined Mission last April, with SO much anxiety about working out in a competitive group environment that I told Coach Meagan before my first class I’d probably throw up from nerves. So happy I forced myself to join!! I’ve found a type of fitness that I truly enjoy, that pushes me past what I thought my limits were. CrossFit humbles AND empowers me daily. On top of that, the community of friends and athletes I’ve found at Mission is, well, everything. I draw so much inspiration from the strength, and tenacity of everyone there, and can never get enough of the positive, hard-working, booty-shaking environment at Mission. THANK YOU to Drew, Meagan, and all of the coaches for making it happen on a daily, and guiding us to become better versions of ourselves! Love starting my day off with all of you!!!
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