Dip and Squat

 In Workout of the Day

CrossFit is a Way of Life.

There are plenty of times when I have a goal and I tell myself I would do anything to achieve it.

But when it comes down to it, would I really?

I mean, let’s be honest what would I sacrifice for success.

Sleep? Food? Social life?

If I want something bad enough I will.

If those don’t motivate you, look at what you can achieve in pure fitness.

If you had the opportunity, wouldn’t you want to?


400m Run

PVC Warm-up


– PVC OH Walking Lunge

– Inch Worm


10 PVC Snatch Balance

Mobility WOD:

Foam Roller (3min)

Banded Stretching

WOD: 21 – 15 – 9 (20min Cutoff)

OHS ( 95/75 )

Ring Dips

200m Run

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