Road Workouts

This is a small list of WOD’s that you can perform on the road to keep your CrossFit going even while you travel or are on vacation.

Road WOD 1

100 Ft Walking Lunges 
15 Burpees 
3 rounds for time; post times to home page comments

Road WOD 2

20 Jump Squats/
15 Chair Dips 
10 Sit-ups 
4 rounds for time; post times to home page comments

Road WOD 3

Warm up with handstand practice; practice kicking up and trying to find your balance, or work headstands

Road WOD 4

50 Squats/
400m (1/4 mile) run

5 rounds for time, post time to comments

Road WOD 5

It’s on Fire
With a full suitcase, medium-large size…
Run down 2 flights of stairs with luggage/
Push it overhead 5 times, (you can use shoulder press, push press, or push jerk)/
on the 5th rep, keep it in a overhead position and walk up every other stair

5 rounds for time, post time to comments

Road WOD 6

100 Burpees for time

Road WOD 7

21, *sit-up/jump ups 
9, pushups 
15, *sit-up/jump ups 
15, pushups
 9, *sit-up/jump ups 
21 pushups

*A sit-up/jump up is a full sit-up into a jump squat, (roll up to your feet and jump)
Post time to comments

Road WOD 8

2 mile Tabata Run
…sprint 20 seconds, rest in place 10 seconds, sprint 20, rest in place 10, etc. until 2 miles are complete.

Gymless Workouts

150 Burpees For Time

400m Walking Lunge

AMRAP in 20 Minutes: 5 Push-Ups, 10 Sit-Ups, 15 Squats

3 Rounds For Time: 10 HSPU, 20 Burpees, 30 Squats

50-40-30-20-10: Push-Ups, Squat Jumps

Run 1mi, 100 Push-ups, 100 Squats, 100 Sit -ups, Run 1mi

3 Rounds For Time: 30 Walking Lunges, 20 Tuck Jumps, 10 Burpees

AMRAP in 15 Minutes: 7 HSPUs, 10 Push-Ups

6 Rounds For Time: 200m Sprint, 21 Burpees

5k Run

10k Run

AMRAP in 20 Minutes: 5 HSPUs, 10 Pistols (1 legged squats), 15 Sit-Ups

400m Run, 30 Walking Lunge Steps (15 each leg), 50 Push-Ups…. Repeat Each Round with 40, 30, 20, 10 Push-Ups

20 Minutes of Handstand Practice

Tabata Push-ups, Rest 1 Minute, Tabata Squats, Rest 1 Minute, Tabata Sit-Ups, Rest 1 Minute, Tabata Burpees

7 Squats, 7 Burpees, Seven rounds, for time.

Burpee to the push up position, do 10 push-ups, burpee out. 5 rounds.

5 squats, 5 push-ups, 5 sit-ups, 20 rounds.

Run 1 mile and do 30 push-ups every 1-minute.

Test yourself on a max set of push-ups…tight body chest to the floor…full extension!

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