Shuttle Run Endurance

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Attention EVENING ATHLETES:  Please be aware of where you are parking when you come to the gym.  One of the businesses down the way mentioned that we have been parking in their spots.  Those spots are marked on the curbs so please watch where you park.  You can always park in the back and have one of the coaches open up the door for you to let you in.  Thanks!


Everett Warm-Up


Tabata Air Squats


400m Run

400m Run Backpedal


3 Rounds: Every Minute on the Minute

Min 1 – Shuttle Run + ME Pull-ups

Min 2 – Rest

Min 3 – Shuttle Run + ME KBS (24/16)

Min 4 – Rest

Min 5 – Shuttle Run + ME

Min 6 – Rest

Score = Total Reps of Each Movement

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