Why Do 1 WOD When You Can Do 4 Mini Ones?

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Starting June 1 (This Sunday!) we will be discontinuing our 9:00 AM Sunday Class.  We will still run the 4:00 PM class every Sunday, however the 9:00 AM will no longer be offered.

As we begin to move to the new facility, we will be adding a few new classes to our schedule that will be included in your Standard CrossFit Membership to replace the 9:00 AM Sunday class.

Stay tuned for the announcements!


400m Run

Quick Plyos

30 Jumping Jacks

30 Seal Jumps

30 Lunges (Total)

:30 Squat Hold

30 Air Squats

5 Burpees


40:00 to Complete

1) For Time: (10:00 Cap)

2000m Row

2) For Time: (10:00 Cap)

75 WBS

3) For Time: (10:00 Cap)

35 Burpees

35 KBS (32/24)

4) For Time: (10:00 Cap)

80 Sit Ups

80 Lunges (Total)

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