In Workout of the Day


Everett Warm-up

Burgener Warm-up (Groups 1 & 2)

SKILL: 10-15min of Snatch practice

*Can build to max Snatch, or work on skill sets

WOD: In teams, you are to perform the following per person on your team:

75 Power Snatches (75/55)

100 Sit-ups

125 Double Unders (500 Single-Unders)

*You CANNOT help your teammates out until you have completed your own reps

*You CANNOT work at the same time, in the same exercise as your teammates.

So, these videos are of 19 year old Spencer Moorman.  He is a Junior Superheavy Weight.  This is crazy.  160kg Snatch and a 200kg Clean and Jerk.  The excitement is just awesome!

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