Intense, hard-nosed workout that anyone can enjoy


Our program is designed for anyone regardless of your age or fitness level!

First Free Intro Workout

First, attend one of our Free Intro Workouts. For your intro class, you are welcome to come to any one of our CrossFit Classes on our schedule.


The Elements Program is our effective way of preparing you for regular group classes. When it comes to learning the complex Olympic lifts and more difficult gymnastics movements we utilize, the one-on-one or two-on-one format of the Private Elements can’t be beat.

Private Training

We also offer private training for those who don’t wish to enter our group classes.  Private training is perfect for those individuals wanting more one-on-one attention, or who are looking for individualized programming, and the accountability that comes with private training.

Group Classes

CrossFit Classes are the foundation of who we are at Mission CrossFit SA. We host 45 classes a week, all of which can be attended by any individual who walks through our doors. Everyone can do CrossFit.


We are a community of individuals that choose to be bigger, bolder and better than average

Mission CrossFit SA provides an intense, hard-nosed workout that anyone can enjoy! All the CrossFit classes can be scaled from the prescribed workout level, but we encourage you to push yourself. We don’t just start the clock and sit back and watch, we are right there with you every step of the way! We will always be correcting form, cheering you on and helping you reach your fitness goals and CrossFit goals.

Call us at (210) 865-XFIT (9348) immediately to schedule your FREE CrossFit class and get a taste of what CrossFit is truly like! Bring a friend or family member and cheer each other on!


  • “Drew is awesome! I had a few trainers before him, but no one produced the results or made working out as fun as Drew made it. He definitely knows how to push you to work your hardest and get to the next level. Training with Drew gave me skills that I will be able to use wherever I go. Since moving to New York, I joined a CrossFit gym and it’s because I trained with Drew that I can keep up with the workouts. In fact, Drew is such a great trainer that I still work out with him when I’m in town.”

    Daniel Jackson New York City
  • “Even though I’ve been doing CrossFit for a year, it’s only been at Mission CrossFit SA that I’ve noticed the biggest difference. Drew pushes you beyond your comfort zone and doesn’t let you give up. I believe his methods are the reason I have seen a difference in my strength and endurance – not to mention the inches of body fat I have lost within a few weeks. I would recommend Drew and Mission CrossFit SA for those who want to make a difference in his/her fitness levels and physique.”

    Amy H. 35-year-old aspiring CrossFit Champion

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