Corporate Wellness

Mission CrossFit SA offers Corporate Wellness Programs tailored to meet your organizations’ specific needs.


  • CrossFit is measureable not only in weight loss and body fat loss, but also in increased performance capacity over time (strength and endurance).
  • Healthy employees are happy employees. They feel better about themselves and are more engaged in their work environment.
  • People are more likely to show up to group classes than to find individual motivation. Community is a huge part why a program like ours is successful. When people participate in high intensity exercise together, they will push each other further in their workouts. They push harder towards their goals, and hold each other responsible for showing up to workouts.
  • Working out together is a great teambuilding exercise and a distinctive way for teams to co-mingle. It allows participants to reflect more on their accomplishments inside and outside the office, as well as have stronger ties with their fellow participants.
  • Less sick days. Preventable illness makes up approximately 80% of all illnesses and 90% of all health care claims. (Blood pressure, diabetes etc. all controlled by diet and exercise).


  • In-depth fitness training for roughly the cost of a typical gym membership.
  • Highly trained experienced professional coaching staff.
  • Coaching staff is knowledgeable not only in CrossFit methodology, but also a multitude of disciplines including mobility and nutrition.
  • Flat rate pricing system, based on participation levels.
  • Options of CrossFit, Women’s Only, Yoga, and Conditioning classes included in flat rate pricing.
  • Additional custom programming for employee needs available upon request.
  • Proven measurable results.
  • FOCUS ON SAFETY and proper execution of movements.
  • Coaches focus entirely on the employees; correcting their form and helping them achieve their goals.

We can also recommend:

  • Team building sessions
  • Individual goal setting
  • Effective planning/organization with a healthy new lifestyle

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