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The Mission CrossFit Kids program is designed to be a universally scalable program that makes it the perfect application for any child regardless of experience. We scale weight and intensity to cater to each child’s capacity. The needs of our children differ by degree, not kind. The program will help prepare an individual for any sport and life in general. All of our activities are age-appropriate and each child can approach them at his or her intensity.

We concentrate on teaching young athletes the core fundamental, functional movements to create a broad and powerful athletic foundation. Athletes will be trained in gymnastic movements, body weight movements, and weightlifting elements to increase capacity across ten general physical skills: endurance, strength, stamina, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. Since our program supplies athletes with skills that are broad, general and inclusive, once athletes have a base in CrossFit, they will have an increased ability to succeed in other sports.

Leaving Better Than You Came

CrossFit Kids is not a watered down version of CrossFit, it is the true essence of CrossFit. We promote our youth to better themselves as individuals on their path to adulthood while encouraging positive self-esteem and teaching them how to overcome youth/teen adversity.

“Hard work gets the job done. There are no magic pills or fancy machines here. The movements performed are elemental for life and the workouts push you to your limits of ability, allowing you to increase your fitness and reach your goals. Our workouts are designed for everyone. We scale intensity and load to fit anyone making it safe. The movements are necessary for life, unlike isolated movements performed elsewhere. The group setting makes it fun and the constantly changing environment makes the workouts always fresh and exciting!”

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