Why choose Mission CrossFit San Antonio over a traditional globo gym, or a different CrossFit Affiliate?


The CrossFit Elements Package is your first step in attending standard CrossFit classes. This program is designed to allow the coaching staff to observe and evaluate your ability and prepare you for standard classes. This gives the coaches a chance to see what limitations you may have, modifications you may need and decide what is safe for you to do during a workout.

The Elements sessions cover the CrossFit methodology and theory, Mission CrossFit SA’s facility & unique equipment, and the fundamental movements of CrossFit. We will also dedicate time to teach you how to modify movements, how to mobilize to increase flexibility, and set training goals.

Successful completion of the CrossFit Elements Course is required without previous CrossFit experience to take full advantage of any class at our facility.

1. $200 for 4 sessions per client
2. $300 for 4 sessions per couple (all 4 sessions must be completed together or will be charged the additional $100)

Elements Registration

CrossFit Classes

CrossFit Classes are the foundation of who we are at Mission CrossFit SA. We host 45 classes a week, all of which can be attended by any individual who walks through our doors. Everyone can do CrossFit. The program is infinitely scalable and we will help you along the way. Mission CrossFit SA trains athletes from beginners who haven’t done any form of training in years to those looking to be competitive in CrossFit. Every level of fitness is achievable here, so come see it for yourself.

CrossFit Class Schedule

Mission Sport

The Mission Sport Program is designed for the athlete who has progressed from standard CrossFit classes and is looking to get more time in the gym, is looking to compete at CrossFit and has progressed to a point in their training where they feel they can complete all the basic and advanced movements as well as all barbell movements that CrossFit encompasses. This program provides athletes with additional training time, strength work and skill work. We will focus on various movements that will be included in various competitions and prepare your cardio respiratory system while providing a competitive and fun atmosphere focused where we will work on developing and improving Olympic Lifting, overall strength, endurance and gymnastics skills.

To try out the Mission Sport Program, you must contact a coach and schedule a time for your trial class. There, you will be evaluated based on your performance and ability to continue with the program.  Ultimately as coaches, we are here to help you succeed and improve your ability through instruction and programming.  Your admittance into the program will NOT be based solely on your performance in your trail, but also your attitude, dedication and overall effort to improve.

For more information or to inquire about joining Mission Sport, contact Coach Drew at or fill out the form to the right.

Mission Strength

Mission Strength is for the athlete who is interested in focusing their efforts on pure strength. This program follows the West Side Barbell Conjugate system and focuses on the three major powerlifting movements: Bench, Squat and Deadlift. By combining dozens of accessory exercises to accompany the three major lifts, Mission Strength gives athletes the opportunity to have serious gains in strength in a short amount of time. You will focus on proper lifting technique, positioning, flexibility, and be immersed in a fun, energetic and positive training environment. When committing to a strength program, it is imperative to follow the program fully in order to see the true results you are looking for.  You will meet 4 days a week for an hour as you push yourself for strength gains.  Two days a week, you will partake in metabolic conditioning that will be congruent to the lifts for that day.  No one ever said they didn’t want to be stronger!

Morning Session: Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri – 5:30am – 6:30am

Cycles run every 6 weeks.  Below are the starting dates for each cycle for 2018:

February 12,  March 26, May 7, June 18, August 6, September 17, and November 5

Have questions?  Contact Coach Mike at

Women’s Fitness

Our Women’s Fitness Class is a great avenue for this looking to get started on their fitness journey or want to build up strength and skill prior to entering our regular CrossFit classes.  We provide through an unique environment where camaraderie and fun are some our main focuses. If you’ve been intimidated to try CrossFit, these classes are a great way to test the waters. All of our workouts will be tailored to meet your abilities, regardless of your athletic experience. Our ladies have diverse backgrounds and goals which makes this class great for anyone!

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9:30am.

Please contact Coach Rebekah Cairns at with any questions, or to schedule your free intro session.

CrossFit Kids

The Mission CrossFit Kids program is designed to be a universally scalable program which makes it the perfect application for any child regardless of experience. We have a developmental fitness program that evolves as your child grows from 3 to 18 years old.  We modify movements, scale weight and intensity to cater to each child’s capacity. The needs of our children differ by degree, not kind. The program will help prepare a child for not only being physically active, but also tech them long-lasting life skills.  All of our activities are age-appropriate and each child can approach them at his or her own intensity.  Each time your child comes to class our goal is to not only improve their fitness, but to also make sure they have fun!

We concentrate on teaching the core fundamental, functional movements to create a broad, strong and powerful athletic foundation. Athletes will be trained in gymnastic movements, body weight movements, and weightlifting elements to increase capacity across ten general physical skills: endurance, strength, stamina, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. Since our program supplies athletes with skills that are broad, general and inclusive, once athletes have a base in CrossFit, they will have an increased ability to succeed in other sports.

Registration is coming soon for CrossFit Kids!
Click here to learn more about our program.

Strength and Conditioning

Mission Strength & Conditioning provides our athletes with a program that can be tailored to their desired goals. Whether you are an athlete looking to train for the CrossFit Games or someone looking to make the jump to collegiate or professional levels of your sport, we are able to tailor a program to each individual to achieve those goals.

The main goal is to make you better in your individual sport, but we do this unconventionally by increasing your ability as an overall athlete. We focus on the 10 General Physical Skills (Strength, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, Power, Accuracy, Cardio Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Flexibility) to develop your athletic ability to the highest level possible. Of course we want you to succeed in the sport that you are training for, but we want to turn you into a well-rounded performance athlete, which in turn will improve your sport specific skills.

These individualized programs are developed by former collegiate and professional athletes. We found that by using our unconventional methods, athletes produced more pure athleticism and mental strength which they could then apply in their given sports. By incorporating how the best athletes in each sport were performing their specific skills, we were able to reduce the risk of injury while still constantly improving. This style of training is what will keep you steps ahead of the competition no matter what you are training for.

Mission Nutrition

Nutrition is the key component to seeing results while training.  Spending hours in the gym every day can give you great results, but when you dial in your diet and overall nutrition, the changes will be compounded tremendously. Good nutrition can also help prevent disease and promote overall health. There are six categories of nutrients that the body needs to acquire from food: protein, carbohydrates, fat, fibers, vitamins and mineralsand water.  Having proper portions of these six nutrients is the key to having life altering changes.  

“Through almost a decade of training, I have developed an interest and passion for Nutrition.  What I know is based on the research I have done and applied to myself and my clients.  In general, we all need to do the same things.  I have certain principles that I have adapted and preach to all of my clients.  I truly believe that if these principles are followed, you will reach your nutrition goals and maintain a healthy weight.  I also believe that we are WAY too hard on ourselves regarding the foods we eat.  When starting any nutrition program, you have to be willing to accept the things that you cannot change about your body.  Nutrition should be about being healthy, balanced, feeling great and looking YOUR personal best.  Not about perfection.”
– Coach Rebekah

Now is the time to make a change in your lifestyle!  Inquire for more information or book your first Nutrition session below.

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Corporate Wellness
Mission CrossFit SA offers Corporate Wellness Programs tailored to meet your organizations’ specific needs.


  • CrossFit is measureable not only in weight loss and body fat loss, but also in increased performance capacity over time (strength and endurance).
  • Healthy employees are happy employees. They feel better about themselves and are more engaged in their work environment.
  • People are more likely to show up to group classes than to find individual motivation. Community is a huge part why a program like ours is successful. When people participate in high intensity exercise together, they will push each other further in their workouts. They push harder towards their goals, and hold each other responsible for showing up to workouts.
  • Working out together is a great teambuilding exercise and a distinctive way for teams to co-mingle. It allows participants to reflect more on their accomplishments inside and outside the office, as well as have stronger ties with their fellow participants.
  • Less sick days. Preventable illness makes up approximately 80% of all illnesses and 90% of all health care claims. (Blood pressure, diabetes etc. all controlled by diet and exercise).


  • In-depth fitness training for roughly the cost of a typical gym membership.
  • Highly trained experienced professional coaching staff.
  • Coaching staff is knowledgeable not only in CrossFit methodology, but also a multitude of disciplines including mobility and nutrition.
  • Flat rate pricing system, based on participation levels.
  • Options of CrossFit, Women’s Only, Yoga, and Conditioning classes included in flat rate pricing.
  • Additional custom programming for employee needs available upon request.
  • Proven measurable results.
  • FOCUS ON SAFETY and proper execution of movements.
  • Coaches focus entirely on the employees; correcting their form and helping them achieve their goals.

We can also recommend:

  • Team building sessions
  • Individual goal setting
  • Effective planning/organization with a healthy new lifestyle

Contact Mission CrossFit SA for more information:

Phone: (210) 865 – 9348


Massage Therapy
massage room

Have a nagging issue? Pulled a hamstring running yesterday? Book yourself an appointment today be either registering via our online scheduler by Clicking Here, or contact one of our Massage Therapists directly. Don’t let those issues linger any longer. Both come highly recommended via our Mission Coaching Staff and National competitive athletes.

  • Robert Baldwin Massage Therapist

    Robert Baldwin

    Baldwin Massage Therapy

    Phone: (210) 336-8868


    Duration Rate
    15 min. $40
    30 min. $75
    45 min. $95
    60 min. $120
    90 min. $165
    (on top of above rate)

    “I have been providing services as a licensed massage therapist in San Antonio, Texas since 1997 with a primary emphasis on deep tissue massage and a specific interest in Sports Injury Rehabilitation. Nine of those years were in a doctor’s office.

    I strive to offer focused, on-target service based on your needs, expressed through two-way communication as needed during sessions.

    I have personal experience with what it is like to have limited activities of daily living caused by sports injuries. I played several sports from elementary through high school and dislocated my knees several times–among other injuries. As a result, I have experienced pain from those old injuries that sometimes prevents me from engaging in my normal daily activities. I believe that by experiencing ongoing issues and pain from sports injuries myself, I understand intimately the seriousness and frustration of not being able to carry out my normal activities without pain.

    I love what I do because it allows me to increase the quality of people’s lives by removing pain and physical limitations so that they may live their lives comfortably.”

    To schedule a massage, contact Robert directly via phone or email.

    Having trouble figuring out which classes are for you? No problem! Contact us using the form to the right or email us directly at and they can help you devise a plan that is right for you and your success as an athlete!

    Have questions about a particular program?  Please fill out the form below!