Riley MorlenCoach

Certifications and Seminars
CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1)
CrossFit Kids
Safe Sport Certified
USAG Professional Member
USAG Judge

BSE Civil & Environmental Engineering
MS Biomedical Engineering


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Riley started Gymnastics when he was 5 years old in San Antonio at Alamo Gymnastics Center. By the age 13, he was competing and placing top 3 in Region 3 meets (Region 3 includes 6 states: Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Missouri). Once he turned 15, he began coaching recreational gymnastics to help pay for his sport. In the final years of High School, he qualified to compete in the Junior Olympic National Competition as a Level 10 gymnast.

Once in college, Riley joined the Arizona State Men’s Gymnastics Team as an Elite Gymnast and continued to coach. While coaching high school cheer tumbling and boy’s competitive gymnastics, Riley competed against teams from Japan and other NCAA teams. In 2011, while performing at a fundraising event, Riley tore his ACL and both Meniscus in his knee, ending his gymnastics career. He continued coaching cheer tumbling, competitive gymnastics, and even martial arts tricking.

When Riley first started CrossFit in 2013, he could barely squat 135 lbs, due to his knee and became known for his gymnastics movements. Finding excitement once again for a new sport, Riley continued training, eventually squatting 2x his body-weight and putting 1.5x over his head on a Clean & Jerk. Perhaps the most notable change Riley had discovered was that his knee no longer bothered him, and thanks to his newly developed strength he was able to tumble once more, something he thought he’d never experience again.

Riley trains with the 5 am Sports Group every morning and coaches in primarily in the evening. During his free time, you can find him acting for local Film and Theater.