If you or someone you know is interested in judging, Trinity Competitions is paying their judges for working the competitions. The next two competitions are Sept. 13th and Nov. 8th here in SA.
Please fill out the form below if interested as they need good people to serve the community!

Trinity Competitions Judging Form

– MCFSA Staff
:30 Drills (x2)
Good Mornings
Jumping Jacks
Seal Jumps
1:00 Stretch
4 x 10 Ring Dips.  Add weight as necessary (:60)
Minutes 1 – 3
Perform 3 Clean & Jerks every :15 to total 36 reps.  Score is how many CJ performed total.
(1:00 rest)
Minutes 5 – 8
Perform 3 Power Snatches every :15 to total 36 reps.  Score is how many Snatches performed total.
(1:00 rest)
Minutes 10 – 13
Perform 3 Thrusters every :15 to total 36 reps.  Score is how many Thrusters performed total.


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