December Athlete of the Month

December Athlete of the Month

December Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Sarah Soto for being selected as December Athlete of the Month. Sarah has put in tremendous amount of work over the last 2 years. Even a hectic work schedule and her 5 growing kids doesn’t slow her down and keep her out of the gym. She make it a priority to come during the noon class during her lunch break. Sarah always had a friendly smile and had been an encouraging athlete. For those reasons and many more is why we have selected her as December Athlete of the Month.

Started CrossFit– June 2018

Favorite WOD– Marconi

Least favorite WOD– Fran

Favorite lift– Deadlift

Least favorite lift– Overhead Squats

Story–  I am 37 years old and a busy mother of 5.   I found CrossFit one day when I was searching for a new way to get stronger and change up my everyday routine in the gym.  I found Mission CrossFit on that list and it was so close to my workplace that I walked by one day.  I heard the barbells hitting the floor and people talking and cheering on their classmates and I knew I wanted to try it.  I have learned so much about the sport and about myself that I don’t think I will ever stop CrossFit.

Mission has changed my life so much by giving me confidence and a community to allow me to be better at everything!  I am a better person, mother and friend and I have all the Coaches and people at Mission to thank for that!


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