Use Those Legs!

Use Those Legs!

Use Those Legs!

Barbells for Boobs is this SATURDAY!  This is a city-wide event and will be the only thing happening Saturday.  Come support this great cause and sign up to perform “GRACE!”  This will be a chance to PR or go for broke and have some fun with friends.  You MUST register for a heat time to perform GRACE.  It’s FREE to participate and is sure to be a fun, happening community event!

This is a FREE Event!

For more information and to register or donate CLICK HERE.

All the information can also be found on Mission CrossFit SA’s website under “Community” and “Event

Thanks All!



200m Run

PVC Warm-Up

Barbell Warm-Up


Snatch Push Press

Find 3 Rep Max w/:03 Hold @ Top of Each Rep


For Total Reps

2 Rounds:

1 Min ME Burpees

-1 Min Rest-

1 Min ME Shoulder to Overhead (115/75)

-1 Min Rest-

1 Min ME Power Clean

-1 Min Rest-


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