It is crazy to see how far CrossFit has come since the beginning let alone since I started CrossFit.  The competition, the amount of Affiliates, the overall community it has created, all of it has grown exponentially and it doesn’t look to stop anytime soon.  I truly feel that CrossFit will eventually take over fitness in general.  With the challenges it offers, the skills you must acquire to complete those challenges and the effectiveness of the program, it is far beyond anything that has been available.  I believe 100% in what CrossFit can provide you inside and outside the gym.
This weekend is the Level 1 CrossFit Certification held at Alamo CrossFit.  We have three of our own attending this certification.  So, when you see either Sara Bandish, Rebekah Cairns, or Petra Andrade over the next few days, wish them luck!  You may even be taking classes from them soon…
Foam Roller
3-Rounds of Cindy
#1 WOD – 3RFT (15min)
30 Chest-to-Overhead (115/75)
25 Sit-ups
*Each time the bar is dropped, perform 3 burpees.
#2 WOD – (15min)
150 KB Swings For Time
*Pick your own weight
This is everyone’s next step after double unders.


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