“Personally, I didn’t consider myself an athlete in high school or my younger days.  Sure, I played softball, tennis, volleyball….but I honestly wasn’t ever very good at any of them.  I never thought of me and “athlete” being one and the same, until I heard it everyday at CrossFit Verve, and felt it in my bones day after day when I swallow the butterflies before every workout and push any self-doubt from my head.  Everyone who walks into our space each day, choosing to become better is truly an athlete, teammate, friend and family.” – Joylyn, CrossFit Verve
Post courtesy of Laurie from CrossFit Rainier.
“Bring back your inner athlete.
Were you an athlete? Even a marginal one? I played ____ in high school. Baseball? Football? Tennis?
I used to ski but now my knees ache. I ran track, placed at State but that was 20 years and 20 pounds ago. I was captain of my swim team.
Gone are your glory days, right? Replaced by carpools, toddler gymnastics, and pee-wee  hockey. You’ve turned in your jersey and signed up to be the soccer mom. You even have the mini-van to get the job done.
Your truck is full of orange cones, a mesh bag of basketballs, and a whistle. You’re only pick-up game is an hour long at the Y on Saturdays with a whole gym full of 8 year olds running in the wrong direction.
Somewhere inside, you miss the “team”, the road trips, the nick names, and the Friday night lights.
Let me tell you, they miss you.
I’m not about to tell you to join that adults only dodgeball league.  I’m going to tell you to join a CrossFit gym.
The team is back, made up of your closest friends, all cheering for you, working together, and striving toward a common goal.  You’ll suffer together, you’ll triumph together, you might even travel together.  You’ll set goals, you’ll reach goals, you’ll set new ones. You’ll blow your old self right out of the water.  You’ll bring back your inner athlete.
All of this by joining a gym?  We’re not just a gym. We’re a cohesive team. A school of fish swimming together, turning together, accelerating together.   The camaraderie, the support, the encouragement, the friendship, the training, the challenge – you’ll find yourself back on the team in no time. What you won’t find are long rides on school buses, awkward locker room showers, or smelly uniforms.  (You’re a grown up, do your laundry!)
Ready to join the team?  Start in the gym. Then take it to the streets, the slopes, the court, or the field. You’re inner athlete is just hidden, not gone. Find it here.”
#1 WOD: (7min Cutoff)
5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 Thrusters (165/105)
1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 Muscle-ups
#2 WOD:
100 Squats
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups


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