A Great Start To The Week

A Great Start To The Week

A Great Start To The Week

Regionals are now over and the year of training is behind us.  We look forward to next year and another 12 months of training for 3 days of competition.  Thank you to everyone who joined us at the Freeman Coliseum to support the athletes from Mission who were competing.  We definitely had the strongest showing of fans and support of any gym there and that says a lot about who we are and our family.  Thank you all again for your support!

You can check out the final results by clicking here.


PALEO CHALLENGE MEASUREMENTS WILL BE DONE IN YOUR REGISTERED CLASS TIME THIS WEEK! Make sure to come in and get the measurements done if you are in the pale challenge! The benchmark workout will be done THIS COMING SUNDAY DURING CLASS.  The 9:00am and 4:00pm classes will be the pale challenge benchmark.  If you are not in the pale challenge, you can still come to class and do the workout with us!


400m Run

Everett Warm-up

Strength WOD:

3 – 3 – 1 – 1 – 1

Clean & Jerk

WOD: 4 RFT (20min Cutoff)

400m Run

Max Reps of C&J at 50% of 1 RM

Check back later today for more pictures from the 2012 South Central CrossFit Regional!


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