If you haven’t seen it yet, Coach Nick has posted up a Summer Weekend Competition Series for our gym.  We want this to be fun, competitive and a way for people to test their skills.  Even if you cannot do some exercises Rx’d, it is still a great way to test your skills for the next level and challenge yourself!  We will be using a point system where only the top few places will earn points.  So, if you happen to be out of town one weekend or cannot do one work out Rx’d, then you just do not earn points for that weekend.  Each weekend has a buy in of $10 or $35 upfront for all 4 weekends.  All the funds go to a Gym BBQ we will be having at the end of the weekend series for the entire gym.  So, even if you didn’t compete, come party with us!  Please sign-up on the white board at the gym or email Coach Nick at [email protected].


For those of you who are working hard and wanting to try and make our competition team as the year progresses, we will have a testing day on Saturday August 4th.  This is an opportunity for you to come in, perform some max lifts, max attempts and see where you stack up to some required strengths/skills.  From August 4th, you will about 8 weeks to work on things that you didn’t do well or weights you didn’t reach before the October 1st deadline hits.  Email Coach Drew with any questions at [email protected].


200m Run



GHD Work: 3 Sets

5 Back Extensions

5 Hip Extensions

5 Hamstring Curls


3 x 10 Russian Hamstring Curls


50 KBS (24/16)

40 TTB

30 Burpees

20 FSQ (135/95)

10 Push Press

20 FSQ

30 Burpees

40 TTB

50 KBS


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