Don’t Drop The Kettle-Bell!

Don’t Drop The Kettle-Bell!

Don’t Drop The Kettle-Bell!


As some of you have noticed, we have added a goal setting board above the water fountain. As athletes, and as humans it is always important to set goals. A life without goals will remain pretty static over time. Setting an awesome goal will instantly set you on a path of trial and error towards something great. Failures along the way are to be expected, so just keep holding on! When it comes time to look back and see what you’ve been able to accomplish, you’ll be astounded to see how far you’ve come – whether you fell short of your goal or surpassed it by a mile. So post your goals so that we can hold you accountable for your dreams!


Everett Warm-up

Fence Drills

5pt. Hip

Endurance WOD:

Run 1 Gasser

25 Squats

Run 1 Gasser

25 Push Ups

Run 1 Gasser

25 Squats

WOD: For Time:

12 Burpees

30-20-10 Plate GTO (45/25)

9 Burpees

30-20-10 KB Swings (24/16)

6 Burpees

30-20-10 KB Clean (24/16)


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