Drive Through Those Bands!

Drive Through Those Bands!

Drive Through Those Bands!

You have probably seen myself or some of the other coaches and athletes doing banded work over the past few weeks.  Well today is the day to try it yourself! We have had tremendous success with it and we wanted to share it with you.  The bands not only make you work a little harder to perform the same movements, but also supply a constant downward force additional to gravity.  So if you have 100lb band tension and 135lb on the bar, you are actually holding 235lb at the top of a deadlift.  that 235lb deadlift also has gravity pulling it down and 100lb of tension, so it definitely feels a little heavier than a regular 235lb deadlift.  Surprise yourself today and see how much weight you can get up!



200-200-200-200m Rows

1. 15 Jack/15 Seal/10 Squats/5 Baby Squats

2. 10 Inch Worms/2 x Fence Drills

3. 10 Plank Circles (each)/10 Pulses/10 Burpees

4. Foam Roll/Mobility

LIFT: Max Banded Deadlift

Ladies – Purple Band

Men – Dark Green Band

WOD: 10min AMRAP

12 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)

9 Games Style Box Jumps (20″)

6 Burpees

*Here are some pictures from the past few days and some of the new facility!  It won’t be long now!


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