Friday Funday

Friday Funday

Friday Funday

Gym member Chris Walden’s brother, Stephen Walden, is launching a crowd funding campaign for his new start up company Bosse Tools. Check out this info below for more information and how you can help support his start up company.  Email Coach Nick with any questions you may have.

“Industrial, age-old design meets ergonomic innovation.  Groundbreaking technology from Bosse Tools has redesigned the shovel using ergonomics.”

How is this invention going to benefit the everyday man or woman?

For thousands of years, we have grown accustomed to using traditional tools – to the point where we expect them to cause pain and injury.  But research shows that we can decrease workplace injury by adding ergonomics to the equation, and that is exactly what Bosse Tools has accomplished.  They have redesigned the shovel to reduce injury and increase productivity – allowing you to get more work done in less time.  Whether you are a construction worker, a farmer, gardener, or everyday homeowner, the benefits of using ergonomically corrected tools are clear – pick up a Bosse Tools shovel and try for yourself – because if you want to work with the best, work with a Bosse.

Check out the Bosse Tools Kickstarter campaign here to learn more –


200m Run




Work up to Heavy 1 Rep Box Squat


5×1 @ Heavy 1 Rep Weight w/:60 Rest


30 Burpees

1 min Rest

40 KBS (24/16)

1 min Rest

50 Push-ups

1 min Rest

60 Situps

1 min Rest

70 Split Squat Jumps


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