Get Creative With Your Kettlebell

Get Creative With Your Kettlebell

Get Creative With Your Kettlebell

I know we have been talking about our new facility everyday because we are so excited to get in!  We were hoping to be able to have class tomorrow (Friday), but it looks as if we will have to wait until Next Week.  Bummer!  We were really excited to be able to get all of you in before the weekend, but it looks like it will be a few more days.  So, NO, we will NOT be in the NEW PLACE TOMORROW.  Come to our current facility and we will make the final announcement when it happens.  Thank you all so much for being patient and I promise it’ll be all worth the wait when we are there.


15 Jacks/15 Seal

Lunge -to-instep/Twist/Sampson

20 Pelvic Raises/Kicks/Table Tops/Scorpions

5pt. Hip

SKILL: Kettlebell Work

1 Hand Swings/Power Swing/Russian Swing/American Swing/Banded Swing/etc…

WOD: :30/:60/:90 (:30 rest after every set)

Squat Cleans (95/65)


Push-Press (95/65)

Russian Twist (20/14 – Feet in the Air)

*You will do the following for each exercise, completing one exercise before moving on to the next.

(all done with the same movement ) :30 work/:30 rest – :60 work/:30 rest – :90 work/:30 rest –> move to the next exercise


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