This coming Monday is Memorial Day and we will be having a shortened day of classes!  We will be having a 6:30am, 8:30am and a 9:30am class.  These classes are for everyone to come to and be able to then enjoy the family events of Memorial Day.  Make sure you take note of this!
1:00 Jumping Jacks
2 Sets of Fence Drills
10 – 1 Scale of: Squats / Straight Leg Sit-ups
KB Skill Work
# 1 WOD: “Grace” (8min)
30 Clean and Jerks for Time (135/95)
#2 WOD: 8min AMRAP
10 Sit-ups
7 Pull-ups
4 Burpees

*We can always try Grace this way…3 team members…2 bars…90 Clean and Jerks…


Okay, this might be the coolest CrossFit video I’ve ever seen.  Listen to Josh Everett talk about doing King Kong for the first time (which is the video you see all over youtube), then watch as 6 men perform the exact same workout, with wall climbs in it.  Just awesome.  This was at the Arnold Classic this year.



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