Grip Strength Is Important to Crush Cans.

 In Workout of the Day

Please, everyone go and watch this video that aired on The Daily Show last week.  Amy showed it to me and I was dying the entire time.  If you ever wanted to have a “great” and inexpensive place to workout, sign-up at Planet Fitness.

Best Place To Workout, Period. (Click there)


Jump Rope


SKILL: Bar Hold

*Hang on to the pull-up as long as possible.  For every :10 you hang, you can subtract 5 Burpees from a starting bank of 75.

WOD: 15min AMRAP

15 Thrusters (75/55)

15 Jumping Squats (180 degree jumps)

15 Hollow Rocks

Fight Gone Bad 6 last week!  This was barely half of our crew that attended because this picture was taken at the end of the event.

Thank you to everyone who attended and help support the cause and our gym.  It was awesome to see that many athletes from our box!


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