I Shouldn’t Complain, I Have A Window

 In Workout of the Day

The final benchmark/baseline workouts have been going great!  We have a few changes of over 40 reps!  That’s incredible! The measurements and pictures have been astonishing as well.  Awesome job everyone!

Although there have been so many changes in athletes, we still have a large chunk missing from our final numbers!  Don’t do it to yourself, whether you think you did awful, or didn’t work hard enough or whatever the reason, don’t just give up on something.  Get motivated and come do it!


400m Run


1:00 Jumping Jacks

8 Rounds:

5 Squats

2 Push-ups

PVC Shoulder Work/Snatch Balance


200m Sprint

12 Push-ups

10 Snatch Balance (PVC/15lb/45lb)

8 Shoulder-to-Overhead (35/20) (each)



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