Keep That Chest Up

Keep That Chest Up

Keep That Chest Up

Mission CrossFit SA has now been open for 6 months.  I wanted to thank each and every one of you for helping me grow to where we are! I basically went from 1 person doing a CrossFit class on day one to having more than 10 in multiple classes a day and bringing in almost 40 athletes a day.  It is just shocking to see where we have come in 6 months.  And I cannot thank you all enough for all your support and the fun you have made my life the past 6 months.  It’s one of the only things in the world I could see myself waking up at 4:30am each day to do, because I get to see your smiling faces anxious for the torture I have planned!  I love all my athletes and would do anything for any of them.
It just so happens that Mission CrossFit’s 6-month Anniversary lands in the same week as my birthday and I couldn’t ask for a better birthday present then to see my athletes on the ground sweating and panting for air.  I always get asked if we are done, but you all should know by now, there is always something more! It has been a hell of a ride and it only looks to be more of an adventure as we grow more and more.  Thank you all again and come have a drink with us tomorrow night starting at 9pm!
400m Run
15 Baby Squats
2 x 12 RHC
2 x 6 TGU
WOD #1:

5RFT (16min)

30 Double Unders (120 Single Unders)
5 FSQ @ 75% 1RM of Clean
9 Burpees
***Rest 5min
WOD #2:
3RFT (10min)

25 Push-ups
25 Sky Divers
30 Double Unders (120 Single Unders)
***Check out some pictures over the past 6 months.


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