Let’s Foam Roll!!!

Let’s Foam Roll!!!

Let’s Foam Roll!!!

This weekend (April 26 – 27) we will be CLOSED for the CrossFit Endurance Certification.  If you are interested in improving your running skills, learning programming and developing better running habits, this certification is perfect!

However, Saturday at 8:30am, Coach Nick will be leading a walk-through of our new facility followed by a class WOD in the back parking lot at 9:00am!  This is an opportunity to come check out the new facility, ask questions and get a run down of the new place.  Don’t miss out!

**WE ARE NOT MOVING YET.  This is just a “sneak peak” before the grand opening**

New MCFSA address:

8842 Broadway (Broadway at Cee Gee)

San Antonio, TX 78217



200m Row

5 Slow Baby Squats

10 Push-ups

10 Lunge to Instep (each)


Foam Roll

Coach’s Choice


10 Mountain Climbers (each)

20 WBS (20/14) Rx+(30/20)

30 Box Jumps (24/20)


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