Partner Endurance Day!

 In Workout of the Day

Check out Coach Beth in the online magazine Modern Gladiator.  She’s featured in a few pictures in the article.  Way to go Beth!

Don’t forget, tonight at 7:30 PM – Info session for anyone curious about the Fiesta Detox Challenge hosted by Coach Beth.  It’ll be short and sweet!


400m Run

Ladder Drills

Jump Rope Warm-Up


Share with a Partner:

200 DU

40 Burpees

150 DU

30 Burpees

100 DU

20 Burpees


Share with a Partner:

50 KBS (24/16)

50 Ab-Mat Situps

40 KBS (24/16)

40 Ab-Mat Situps

30 KBS (24/16)

30 Ab-Mat Situps

20 KBS (24/16)

20 Ab-Mat Situps

10 KBS (24/16)

10 Ab-Mat Situps

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