Roll The Dice

Roll The Dice

Roll The Dice

What a huge day for deadlifts yesterday! We almost had a 605lb deadlift, there were multiple 400+lb deadlifts and our first ever 300lb deadlift from a female! Way to go Collanne! We haven’t been deadlifting much, but we still had big gains. Gotta love it!

Starting next Monday, October 11th, Melissa Simmons will begin teaching a 1:30pm class!  This class will be held on Monday’s and Wednesday’s at 1:30pm – 2:30pm to begin with.  A lot of people have been asking for a mid-day class since they cannot make the other classes.  This class will start as a twice a week class.  As it gets more popular, we will add more days, so tell your friends!  If you have trouble making the morning class, but can make this 1:30pm slot time, don’t miss out!  If you haven’t taken a class from Melissa yet, she is a great coach and after her CrossFit Coaches Prep Course she is attending this weekend, she’ll have even more motivation and knowledge!
2 x
20 Jumping Jacks – Squats – Push-ups – Seal Jumps
2 x
15 PVC Pass Throughs – BSQ – FSQ – OHSQ – Good Mornings
“Roll The Dice” – 20min
1 – 10 WBS (20/14)
2 – 20 Double Unders
3 – 30 Sit-ups
4 – 4 HSPU
5 – 15 OHSQ with Plate (45/25)
6 – 6 Burpees
50 Knee-to-Elbow


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