Thought Thrusters Were Bad? Try A Cluster

Thought Thrusters Were Bad? Try A Cluster

Thought Thrusters Were Bad? Try A Cluster

What does it mean to be successful? Is success crushing 40 double-unders unbroken? Is success eating strict Paleo for six weeks? Is success being able to watch your child graduate from kindergarden? Success can be monumental, but it can also minuscule. In CrossFit, as with life, it is important to remember than in order to achieve great things you must lay a foundation. A brick wall is built brick by brick- we have to master the small mechanical movements of CrossFit in order to achieve greatness. A small pop in the hip can make the difference between a 95 pound squat clean and a 115 pound squat clean. It is also important to remember that at Mission CrossFit SA, we will all succeed. Nothing is unrealistic here. Think back when you used to think that doing more than ten burpees would push you into cardiac arrest and then you crushed seven minutes of straight burpees. Or when you thought that performing a kipping pull-up in a WOD was only going to happen in your dreams. Anything is possible and I think Will Smith says it best….



Indoor Plyos

3 Rounds:

15 V-Ups

:30 Plank Hold


4 x 400m Run (:90 rest)


15 Minute Ladder:


Clusters (Squat-Clean Thrusters) (95/65)


Want to know what the Regionals are going to be like?  Watch this from the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games.



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