What Are We On? Deadlifts And Ring Dips, Bro.

 In Workout of the Day

You must get your measurements for Paleo this week!!!! Don’t come Sunday expecting to get measurements, we won’t have time prior to class.

If  you are interested in the competition team, we will have initial meeting this Sunday at 5:00pm after the evening class. Come ready to learn and work for those of you who want to get a jump start on training.


400m Run

3 Rounds of Cindy

500m Row

PVC Work (upper/lower)

Mobility WOD:

Foam Roll

Couch Stretch

WOD #1:


DL (225/155)

Ring Dips

WOD #2:

Death by Pull-Ups (2, 4, 6, 8, …)

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