Box Jump Pull-Up Ladder

Box Jump Pull-Up Ladder

Box Jump Pull-Up Ladder

Today is the first day that you can sign up for the Beast Mode Paleo Challenge!!!

We’re are mixing this Paleo Challenge up by adding a team element to the competition, and each class time is going to be a team. So, if you want to be a part of the Beast Mode movement, make sure to sign up with a coach today! For you athletes who are “traveling class time CrossFitters”, choose a time to frequent more often. THIS DOESN’T MEAN you have to workout with that class all the time, but the idea is that we want each team to support and push each other to be successful throughout the challenge.

Read more about the Beast Mode Paleo Challenge by Clicking Here.

We also have a New Athlete of The Month! Congratulations to Jessica Massy! Read about her by clicking here!

Today is also our 600th post!  Crazy we have had that many posts to our blog since we opened.




5×3 OHS


15min as high as you can climb of:
Box jump/pull up ladder



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