Bring that pain

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If you have yet to see this video on  You Tube, please go watch it!  Once you fall in love with CrossFit, you will love this movie clip.  You can’t truly enjoy something unless you can make fun of yourself right?! 

“2 CrossFitters, One Chalk Bucket” Part 1 and 2.


3 x 3 Deadlift



20 Double Unders (80 SU)

10 Back Squats (115/85)

15 Pull-ups

10 Push-Press (115/85)

20 Double Unders (80 SU)

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  • Migo8a

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! i love it!!!!! ok, now that i wasted time watching that, i’m gonna go eat some almonds…

  • Monica

    that is pimp….i love it… you’re know you’re a crossfit nerd when. see you in a bit.

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