Busy Week!

Busy Week!

Busy Week!

We’ve got a busy and exciting week here at the MCFSA!  This Friday (10/24) we will be having a pumpkin carving party at 6:45 pm.  Feel free to bring family, friends and children.  Just make sure you bring your own pumpkin to carve and carving utensils.

Also, make sure you stop by Chipotle on your way to the pumpkin carving party and show your MCFSA key fab at check-out to receive a buy one/get one free offer.  If you do not have a key fab, please ask one of the coaches and we will be sure to get you one!


poster_from_postermywallWARM UP

400m Run

3 Min Jump Rope

2 Rounds:

10 Air Squats

5 Baby Squats

10 Lunge-to-Instep


With a Partner, Alternating Every Min for 6 Min:

Perform 6 Reps @ 80-85% or Heavier Than Last Week


10 Min EMOM:

Odd Minutes – ME DU

Min 2 – 20 Pushups

Min 4 – 20 Straight Leg Situps

Min 6 – 20 Jumping Squats

Min 8 – Alternating Plank (Right/Left)

Min 10 – 20 Pushups



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