Death By Power Cleans

Death By Power Cleans

Death By Power Cleans

This holiday season we wanted to give back to all our members for their loyalty and dedication to Mission CrossFit SA and for anyone who has been interested in trying out CrossFit by offering a holiday referral program!  The Mission CrossFit SA 50/50 Program is a chance for current members to earn credits on their account that can be used for monthly memberships as well as an initial discount for new members.  For every new member that joins Mission CrossFit SA, you will earn $50 to be applied directly to your monthly membership and the new member will also receive $50 off their first months dues.  This is a great opportunity for both current members and new potential members.  The cards are at the front desk that explain the program in detail.

The program runs from December 15, 2012 – January 31, 2013

The 50/50 cards must be filled out completed and brought in to receive the credit


20  of Each:

Jumping Jacks – Squats – Push-ups – Sky Divers – Sit-ups

2 x 300m Row

Endurance WOD:

*Teams of 3 for total reps (Slam Balls + Cal on rower)

* Rotation based off of Wall Ball Shots

25 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)

ME Slam Balls

ME Row for calories

WOD: “Death By Power Cleans” (15min Cutoff)

1 Power Clean the first minute

2 Power Cleans the second minute

and so on…


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