GoDai Competition This Saturday!

GoDai Competition This Saturday!

GoDai Competition This Saturday!

This weekend Mission CrossFit is bringing the “It Factor” to the Godai Competition.  Mission will have eight amazing athletes take on the first ever Godai Elements competition held at the Texas Ski Ranch New Braunfels.  Competing in the Individual category Drew Bignall, Marco Garcia, Ed Conway, Collanne West.  Competing in the Team category Nick Vera and Amy Hicks, Ady Shea and Junior Delfin.  All of our athletes have been training for this event and having incorporated swimming into their workouts.  What they will be tested on, The 10 General Physical Preparedness Skills” in accordance with CrossFit standards and methodology. 


This will include:


GODAI ELEMENTS WOD #1: Earth + Water

For time: 2 mile run, 200-meter swim. 


GODAI ELEMENTS WOD #2: The Godai Total

For max total weight: 1 rep max strict press, 1 rep max front squat, 1 rep max deadlift.



For time:

Buy-in: 75 AbMat Sit-ups


-Snatch @ 115#/75#

-Cluster 115#/75#

-Burpee over barbell

Cash-out: 75 Double-unders



For Total Points:

-L-Sit Hold on Parallettes (max effort in 30 seconds)

-Atlas Stone Shouldering @ 120#/75# (max reps in 30 seconds)

-Handstand Walk (for distance in 30 seconds).

-Zercher Carry @ 315#/225# (for distance in 30 seconds)


We are so proud they will be representing Mission CrossFit.  Please come support your friends, coaches, and teammates.  Spectator Tickets are $25.00.  However, you can volunteer to help with the event on the website and get in FREE.  Also, if you hold a level one CrossFit certification they need judges.  For more information go tohttp://godaielements.com/. Hope to see you on Saturday bright and early!


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