The Move Has Started!

The Move Has Started!

The Move Has Started!

In case you didn’t notice… We’ve started the move! Our pull-up rigs were taken over to the new facility and will be fully installed later this week. You will slowly start to see some things move over, then next Friday, June 27th we will be moving EVERYTHING!  That day we will cancel evening classes and ask that anyone who is available and willing to help join us in moving.  There will be a sign-up on the whiteboard at the current gym just so we can get an idea of how many people will be helping us move.  Any and all the time you are able to volunteer for this move will be greatly appreciated!  We will be providing food and beverages (yes, adult beverages too).  Official times will be released and posted as the week continues, but we are looking to get things rolling around 4PM on Friday, June 27th.

This means that any and all equipment that you have stored at our current gym needs to be taken home.  If you are an athlete that keeps your gear in the cubbies, we kindly ask that you take your stuff home in the next week or so.  All equipment left at the gym will be thrown in a giant trash bag and thrown into a lost and found at the new gym.  To avoid potentially losing your gear, we highly advise that you take care of this as soon as possible.

Also, please bear with us as we start the transition of moving.  We appreciate your patience as we go through this process.  There will be some adjustments we have to make in our programming and such and we really appreciate you all for cooperating!

I want to give a huge thanks to the Hammons family for volunteering their time yesterday and throughout the rest of the move.  They were a huge help and moving the rigs and mats yesterday would not have been possible without them.  Thanks James, Ethan and Dylan!


400m Run



2 Rounds:

3 Minutes to Complete Each Station-

30 Pull-ups

40 WBS (20/14)

400m Run

50 Hollow Rocks

100 DU (25 DU Attempts)

*If you finish early, rest remainder of the 3 min*


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