Merry Christmas Eve…And The New Facility!

Merry Christmas Eve…And The New Facility!

Merry Christmas Eve…And The New Facility!


Merry Christmas Eve to everyone and I hope you all are enjoying the day with your friends and family! Remember, we will be CLOSED until Tuesday, when classes will resume with the normal schedule

After the Longest past few months of my CrossFit life and more work than I could have ever imagined, we are FINALLY going to be moving to our NEW FACILITY! So, this means that when we all get back after the Christmas weekend and come to class on Tuesday morning, we will be at the new gym! REAL heat and AC, SHOWERS, new equipment, kids play pen and more space than we know what to do with! If you have any questions feel free to email or call.

Over the next week, the current space we are in now will be closed as we prepare the new space for classes. But remember, the current space will be a new gym with separate classes and times. There will only be a few classes a week, but also Yoga to take part in. Coach Melissa Simmons will be teaching classes at the current space as we move to the new facility. If you are interested in this, please let us know.

So…Tuesday we have class at the NEW Facility!


827 East Rector

San Antonio, TX 78216

Directions from Current Gym: (Less than 2 minutes down the road)

Right out of parking lot head down Nottingham

Right on TreeLine Park

Left at light onto Sunset Road (light is in front of Home Depot)

Right at light on to Jones-Maltsburger

Right at light on to Rector (On the corner in front Walmart)

Building in on the Left!



:30 Drills (x 2)

Jumping Jacks


Seal Jumps



Straight Leg Sit-ups

WOD #1: 3RFT

400m Run (1:30 of running)

20 Push-ups

30 Squats

40 Double Unders (or 20 Split Squat Jumps per side)

**Rest 3min exactly

WOD #2: For Time:

100 Burpees

***Final Time in your score with rest time included.


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