In Workout of the Day


:30 Drills


“The Bear” – 5RFT

7 Cleans

7 Front Squats

7 Push-Presses

7 Back Squats

7 Back Presses

*For Time and Load


4 x 10 RHC

20min AMRAP

15 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)

15 Knee-to-Elbow

15 Slam Balls (20/14)

***Yesterday’s class vs. class competition was great!  I think people really enjoyed it and had a blast.  It was fun to see everyone working together and you all probably noticed that you worked harder and pushed yourself more when others were counting on you as well.  I even had a few people say that yesterday was the first day that they felt like they were going to throw-up!  Keep that intensity up!  That’s what we want everyday!

The final results are posted below.  And the winner is….5:30pm!  So, the following 8 people will receive a prize:

Travis C. – Emily – Erin C. – Katherine – Lindsey – Craig B .- Yuliya – James

I will let you know when the prize is available for pick up.

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