The Open Results Are In…

The Open Results Are In…

The Open Results Are In…

The 2011 CrossFit Game Opens has finally finished!  CrossFit wrapped everything up yesterday evening and the final results are in.  It was a terrific 6-weeks (actually 7-weeks) of competition.  You could perform a workout and almost instantly see how you compared to Mikko, Khalipa, Spealler, Bergeron, Kleaver whom ever you wanted.  It was a very unique idea and method of doing a qualifier for the Games and there were positives and negatives to it.  Overall, I think CrossFit did a great job with the Open and it is a stepping stone in the right direction for where CrossFit is going.  There were over 30,000 athletes who entered the open (both male and female) and nearly 2,000 of those athletes were from our South Central Region.  Compare that to last years North and South Sectional where both had about 300 athletes at them.  Crazy numbers.  Check out the final score and look at where our affiliate is and our athletes!  We will be having a team in Houston for the South Central Regional June 17th-19th!  Plan your trip and lets have a huge support group!

2011 CrossFit Games Open

We have a new Athlete of the Month for the Month of April!  Congratulations Laurie Bauman!  Check it out…
400m Run
WOD: 4 rounds of 4min AMRAp (1:00 Rest)
400m Run
10 Box Jumps @20″
Max Kettlebell Swings (24/16kg)


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  1. Courtney Williams

    So proud to have #1 in the region as our coach…Awesome job, Drew! And way to go, Mission Crossfit SA athletes!

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