The Power Clean

The Power Clean

The Power Clean

Power cleans and other Olympic-style lifts can offer some athletes performance advantages over more common forms of weight lifting…While Olympic-style lifts have long been employed by traditional power athletes such as football players, sprinters and wrestlers, Strength and Conditioning Specialists are incorporating theses exercises into more and more sport-specific routines. Lifts such as power cleans involve very high power outputs and high rates of force production, both of which can transfer to increased speed and explosiveness on the field or court. As Olympic-style lifts tend to be total body exercises, they increase neuromuscular co-ordination and that buzzword… core stability. Power cleans involve mainly the extensor muscles of the hips, abdominal and trunk.

Just like in CrossFit, we go Core-to-Extremity (CTE), Olympic lifts involve all of that movement, hence why we use it.  The Clean is an essential part of CrossFit let alone one of the most beneficial movements to performs.  When done with proper technique it can add tremendous power to your lifts as well as everyday life.  Wouldn’t it be great if your back never hurt when moving things around your house or picking up your kids?  Get strong, do CrossFit.


3-3-2-1-1-1 Power Clean



AMRAP 20min

200m Sprint

25 DU (100 SU)

5 “Slurpees” (Burpee with an extra Push-up)

25 Push Press @ 45lb



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