2010 Central South Texas CrossFit Sectional Day 1

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With about 135 Men and 70 Women competitors, this event is the biggest in Texas history!  The 2009 Southwest Regional’s doesn’t even compare to how this event is going.  There are over 800 people registered at the event to either participate, volunteer or be a spectator, as a first year event, I would say we did pretty well! Everything has been running smoothly and we couldn’t ask for better weather.  You can view the current standings after day on at http://scores2010.crossfit.com/  It’s a close one so far and tomorrow’s chipper WOD will decide the final results.  Stay tuned for more! 

Mission CrossFit SA will be opening our doors soon!  Please stay tuned for more information and the dates of our opening as well as our Grand Opening Party.  We hope to see you all there!  And if you’re interested and want to be put on our mailing list, please email us at:



Plyos/Band Walks/Hips

WOD: 2010 Central South Texas Sectional WODs 1 & 2


12 Min Cut off

2k Row then 10sec. walk to your bar for AMRAP Deadlift without letting go of the bar

DL (275/185)



4/2 HSPU (hands 30″ apart)

8/6 Ground-to-Overhead (135/95)

12/10 Burpees

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