Athlete of The Month – December 2013

Athlete of The Month – December 2013

Athlete of The Month – December 2013

Name: Katie Hererra

Started CrossFit: July 2013

Favorite WOD: Snatch and clean ladder, death by clean and jerk, anything with squatting, kettle bells, or box jumps

Least Favorite WOD: Any WOD involving burpees…

Favorite Lift: Snatch and any kind of squat cleans

Least Favorite Lift: Push Press

Story: I never thought I would join CrossFit. I only joined because my husband promised he would get up and workout with me every morning at 5:30am. I fully anticipated him giving up in a month and going back to my usual routine of running and going to the gym. From the first elements class with Beth, however, I started to realize I could really love CrossFit. I’m competitive by nature but not the top athlete. In class, everyone was really encouraging even when I was consistently finishing at the end of every time limit! I must have watched Rudy too much as a kid because I believe that wanting to be better and pushing yourself everyday can make you better. I’ve applied that principle to CrossFit and am slowly seeing some improvement. I love that all the coaches will constantly push me beyond what I thought was capable of and will always give me ways to keep improving.
Beth encouraged me to try Barbell Prep with Nick and I’m so glad she did. It was awesome to get more coaching around lifts I’m still struggling to perfect. I also am really glad Beth mentioned the Whole Life Challenge because it made a huge difference for me. I finally lost weight I’d been holding onto for a year and am excited to keep making gains and hopefully some more losses on the scale.
I have a ton of CrossFit goals set for myself and am motivated to come in every morning to keep pushing myself (and to make sure I can beat my husband in most WODs). I’m so grateful to all the coaches (especially Beth) for not letting me get away with giving anything less than 100% and to my husband for convincing me that I should give CrossFit a try.


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