Athlete of The Month – February 2013

Athlete of The Month – February 2013

Athlete of The Month – February 2013

Name: Jose Reyes

Started Crossfit: The summer of 2012

Favorite WOD: anything that involves thrusters and OHS

Least Favorite WOD: anything that involves wall ball shots

Favorite Lift: Clean

Least Favorite Lift: no such thing

Story: I started crossfit in the summer of 2012 because one of the coaches, Marco Garcia, recommended it to me. To be honest, I just wanted to try it out for a month and didn’t have plans on continuing. Well, after that month was done I couldnt go back to a regular gym. I was told that the reason why I was picked to be the Athlete of the Month was because I pushed myself hard. Well to me, I’m just trying to keep up with everyone at the gym because I see so many superstars who overcoming their own obstacles. The only reason why I have been able to make the improvements that I have is because of the coaches and the members who have been encouraging me and giving me pointers. Of course, my new Reebok Crossfit shoes have helped me as well! My goal in crossfit is to be able to do every single WOD prescribed. I have a new sense of self-confidence in my life and I’d like to thank Mission Crossfit San Antonio for that. I’m still kicking myself for not tyring it out sooner.


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