Athlete of The Month – January 2013

Athlete of The Month – January 2013

Athlete of The Month – January 2013

Name: Dee Duffy

Started Crossfit: 4/19/12

Favorite WOD: Anything with Slam Balls

Least favorite WOD: Anything With “Russian” In It

Favorite lift: Deadlifts

Least favorite lift: None

Story: I made the commitment to lose 120 lbs in February 2012. Because I did not want to have skin dragging around my elbows & ankles, in April Denie & Dom introduced me to Neal. I started working with him two days a week. When Neal suggested I start taking the stairs instead of the elevator I was only going down the stairs (at first). I went down like a two year old; step, step; step, step – for three flights. Then one day I just went down the stairs – one after the other & froze at the door, realizing what I had just done. Holy cow! In one month! No way! So I started walking up…that was harder. Last week I ran up the stairs! Can you believe it? And held a conversation when I got to the third floor.
I don’t think I’ve ever done the same thing two days in a row. I’m never bored. I love it and can’t imagine not doing my work outs. It’s funny – when I first started I was actually a little embarrassed to come in. But everyone was so encouraging! Each day someone spoke to me, or smiled & gave me that look of understanding. Month by month I’ve watched the reflection in the windows disappear. I’ve lost 100 Lbs. now & the loose skin isn’t too bad! In April I’m doing my very first triathalon at age 62. Who would have thought? Heck I’m just gettin’ started! Maybe someday I’ll represent Mission Crossfit in the Senior category! You never know…

Thanks everyone


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