Athlete of The Month – May 2014

Athlete of The Month – May 2014

Athlete of The Month – May 2014

Name: Evita Martinez

Started CrossFit: January 2011

Favorite WOD: Bear Complex or Fight Gone Bad

Least Favorite WOD: Anything with DUs

Favorite Lift: Back squat or Deadlift

Least Favorite Lift: Snatch

I was introduced to Crossfit by my cousin Justin Rodriguez but was hesitant to give it a try but I sucked it up and started looking for a box close to where I live. I found a coupon on Living Social and showed up to a class. It just so happened that the WOD that day was “Fran” (of all workouts). I got my butt kicked! But even though I could not do a pull up or barely breathe and I could feel soreness, I was hooked. I signed up right then. After some time as I gained strength and endurance I started to outgrow the box I was at and went looking to find more, I talked to my cousin Justin and he told me he had moved to Mission Crossfit SA and that I should give one of the classes a try. I showed up to a weekend class and loved it! In the year that I have been part of the Mission family, I have gained more knowledge and understanding of the greatest sport there is. Also in that time I have found a new love, POWERLIFTING!! I requested to work one on one with one of the coaches and was matched up with Jeff. He brought up Strength Crew and I decided to give it a try. Now my new focus is Powerlifting and using Crossfit as a way to gain more strength. In the time I have worked with Jeff, I have gained a whole new love for lifting and lifting HEAVY! Not only do I have a family in Mission but I have a close knit family in Strength Crew. I’m looking forward to the future of Mission Strength Crew and kicking butt in Powerlifting!! 🙂


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