Athlete(s) of the Month(s): November 2013

Athlete(s) of the Month(s): November 2013

Athlete(s) of the Month(s): November 2013

Remi has been CrossFitting for quite a while.  He started his CrossFit journey almost 3 years ago and he’s been at Mission for just over a year now.   Needless to say much like any other long term endeavor in life, his journey has had its ups and downs.  However, as of late, Remi has seen his commitment and consistency pay off with many PR’s in all aspects of CrossFit.  He’s got a passion for the barbell sports, both powerlifting and weightlifting and has been working at both of them tirelessly over the past few months and his work is certainly showing.  We’re glad to have Remi at the gym as a representation of what it takes to be a hard working athlete and and amazing father as well.  You’ve probably seen him walk in with his beautiful daughter whom he shows great love for around the gym.  Congrats Remi!  Keep up the good work!

Athlete of The Month – November 2013

Name: Remigio Ayala

Started CrossFit: 2/6/2010

Favorite WOD: anything that involves lifting heavy weight

Least Favorite WOD: anything involving long distance running

Favorite Lift: Deadlift

Least Favorite Lift: LOL… i think you mean my most challenging lift which would be the snatch

Story: I don’t want to be too long winded here, so I figured I would give you the Cliff Note version of my story. I started my Crossfit journey in 2010 because I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life and I had to make a crucial decision: Change my life immediately or buy pants in a size I said I would never let myself get to. I opted for the life change, and within 3 months I dropped 30 pounds and never looked back. I started coming to Mission after a longer than expected break I took in order to finish up my master’s degree. The family here at Mission is great, and the coaches always have a positive attitude which is something that keeps me motivated and coming back for more. My current goal is to get my strength training to the next level and break a few PR’s in the process!


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