Just an easy day before the sectionals

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The CrossFit Sectional’s have been underway for a few weeks now and it has finally reached us!  The Central South Texas CrossFit Sectional is this weekend in Austin, TX.  There are 3 WODs, 2 tomorrow and 1 Sunday to determine the top 30 men and top 30 women who will compete at Regional’s in May for a chance at glory in Aromas.  Stay tuned for video up loads and results of each WOD!

“Pain is temporary.  Chicks dig scars.  Glory lasts forever!”


400m Run

Jump Rope




3 sq-clean-jerk @ #135/95 (don’t let go of the bar at any point or you have to start over)

25 Double Under


10 squat-clean @ 35lb DB

20 Double Under (80 single unders)

400m Plate Carry @25lbs

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