Mom Neglects Child to Make Health a Priority

Mom Neglects Child to Make Health a Priority

Mom Neglects Child to Make Health a Priority


Today at Mission CrossFit SA, a mother brought her three year old son to the gym, sat him down on a couch with snacks and an iPad and left him there for an entire hour while she took a class.   The child was left with several other children who were doing the same.  Shockingly, this kind of debauchery happens on almost a daily basis at Mission and many other gyms around the world.

The mother claimed that her child was “perfectly fine” to sit and play on his iPad and that she needs an hour to herself each day to devote to her health.  At one point the child actually began watching his mother indulge in this unnecessary workout session.

This mom and many other parents selfishly neglect their children for an hour or more every day for their own health and wellness.  They claim that staying fit and healthy somehow benefits their children, sets a good example and makes them better parents.  The worst part is that these parents are allowing their children to think for one second that the world does not revolve around them, therefore, robbing them of their entitlement.  

Parenting Expert, Aloysius Lorenzo, explains this trend towards neglecting parental duties for exercise, “Some parents credit exercise for improvement in mood and stress levels while facing the trials of parenting.  However, there is no science backing the existence of the so called “endorphins” produced during exercise.  Parents are better off being sedentary and giving their children constant, uninterrupted attention.”

I don’t know what endorphins are but I doubt they make you a “nicer, more patient mommy”.  The only example these parents are setting is that their “health” is more important than their children’s immediate needs.  Our children aren’t going to entertain and pay attention to themselves, it’s up to us as parents to provide constant stimulation.  If you ask me, these moms are better off spending that extra hour of their day at home, giving in to the demands of their children.

– Coach Rebekah



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