No Band October!!!

No Band October!!!

No Band October!!!


For the month of October, all of us at MCFSA will be participating in a gym-wide challenge, the likes of which have never been seen. We are locking up the bands. Yes, the assistance bands. Not one pull-up will have the help of a band during October.

Now before you yell “WHYYYYY!?”, there is a method to our madness. All too often we as athletes get complacent with our modifications without giving ourselves the chance to gain strength in those areas. We’d rather get through a workout quickly with a modification than be held back by the slower, more challenging alternative. This month we are giving our bodies a chance to gain strength (especially for pull-ups) without our trusty bands. Will this be frustrating at first? Probably. Will we all gain strength by pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zones? Absolutely.
Think of this month as your personal pull-up challenge. Any time pull-ups are programmed in a workout, we will ensure that each athlete has the appropriate band-less substitute. And of course, we’ll bust those bad boys back out in November. But our goal is to show each of our members what we can accomplish when we slow down and focus on strength first, and then technique.
This is going to be epic.
Yours in suffering,
The Coaches of MCFSA


400m Run

3 min Jump Rope

Arm Stretches


3x ME Pullups (:90 Rest Between Each Effort)

1 Set of ME WBS (20/14)

1:00 Rest

1 Set @ 50% of ME WBS

1:00 Rest

1 Set @ 75% of Previous Set



30 Clean and Jerks (135/95)

– 3 Min Rest –

800m Sprint for Time


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